What are the features of stainless steel mirror steel machine?

2020-11-14 526

Stainless steel mirror equipment variety: machine grinding and hand grinding

Features of stainless steel mirror steel machine:

(1) the grinding machine is composed of fine grinding and coarse grinding. The whole line consists of grinding platform (working platform is tempered glass, with high surface flatness and hardness), grinding head (wool felt, polyurethane sponge), lifting organization, swing organization, transportation organization, cleaning and drying, film covering machine, polishing liquid (nitric acid, iron oxide, water proportion according to appropriate concentration ratio), sewage treatment system and electric control system.

(2) it can be designed into several groups according to the requirements, which consists of fine grinding and rough grinding.


(3) different models are determined according to the width of the plate that the customer needs to process, generally 700-1500

(4) after the polishing liquid is mixed and filtered in the medicine pool, the stainless steel pump is pumped into the acid tank, and then the water pipe is introduced into the processing grinding head of the equipment. The remaining medicine water is processed and then flows into the medicine pool through the reflux system, which has achieved the recycling of the medicine water.

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